Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Legacy Continues....

It's been almost 1 hell of a year to go through without Dimebag with us..(Reace in peace bro)..

This site's been hearing all the mourns and prayers from all over the world. Thanks for those came and pray with us. There's a dimebag darrell video tribute footage which I've been watchin' hundreds of times now. And it's your to see

"What an absolute tragedy.sympathetic thoughts to vinnie paul,family and friends. He was a legend on guitar, your a legend on the skins, rockhard forever. You and your brother are inspiration personified. I'll never forget the good times I had (continue to have)listening to your albums,playing your licks/fills/riffs/beats/chops/megaheavyfukinguitar parts and all the rest of that shit you guys whipped up. Rock salutes you. Dimebag rules it large................................................. "

"God... I'm stunned!
It makes me HAPPY that policeman shot and killed the murderer. He would have got out of the jail after several years, for 'good behaviour'! "

"im completly lost now... i cant believe it, here i am a month more later and im still greaving. altough i never met the guy i miss him like i would my on brother. i hope his family is ok, both his blood relatives and the guys that have been with him for over 17 years unbelievable.
clo "

"that fucking gunman didn't deserve the luxury of death. He should have been toutured endlessly for taking away our friend. "

"Dimebag Darrell was one of the best if not the best Heavy Metal guitarist to ever live. May he rest in peace and never be forgotten. He will live on through our hearts and the music. As for Nathan Gale he can burn in hell and his soul and spirit can rot in the hands of the underlords. We love you Dimebag and will never forget what you have given us because it is so much more then just notes in a song. "

"When I first saw a Pantera show I was seventeen and they came with Skid Row. I fell in love with Dime. Then I was nineteen and I got to meet him and Vinnie. I snuck into a bar here in Fort Wayne Indiana with Darrell and we soon were thrown out. He was so sweet and concerned that I was cold that he actually let me have his flannel he was wearing. So Vinnie, when you say he cared about people, well, I am just an ordinary fan. And he will be so missed. So much for my 30th birthday. that's when he was killed. All I know is he is a legend.I'm just glad I had a chance to see Damageplan before he was taken from us. I LOVE YOU DIME. WE'LL SE YOU AGAIN SOON. We will NEVER forget you.
Pantera was also my daughters 1st show. I was 6 months pregnant at 17. Nothing but good memories. You hang in there Vinnie. We're thinking of you as well. LOVE YA!!!! "

"Nathan Gale and Darrell Abbott couldn't be further away from each other right now and for eternity. Dimebag made millions of people laugh, smile and cry tears of joy. He had a seat waiting for him in Heaven a long time ago. Now he's home. This life is only temporary, Dime. See you on the other side, brother. God bless your soul. "

"god it bugs me so much to this day, over a month after the murder of a fallen cowboy. i got the article i found in our local paper and i read it constantly for a couple weeks after the murder and to tell you the truth i cried( i think we all did) Dimebag Darrell was like the father i never had for he was the one who got me into metal. what did he dop to deserve this "

"Dime was the reason so many of us picked up a guitar in the first place. Thair are so many good times in my life because of him, whether it was hangin out with my buddies listening to Pantera, all those Pantera/Damageplan shows I was fortunate to see, or watching those crasy ass home videos. Dime was truly one of the best.
And to all those cocksuckers who talked down about Dime and metal in general, you just dont get it.
so fuck off!"

"Man I was such a big fan of his. I remember he was signing autographs outside the el cacino ballroom in tucson AZ. He had a six pack of some real expensive beer i had never seen before and in the mele I accidentally knocked it over breaking 2 bottles. He instantly forgave me? I couldn't believe it! He let me hang out with him and pantera for awhile and shoot the shit withthem That night. He always remembered my name everytime they came back. What a cool kat man and what a loss to the music world? God I loved his playing! it is just mindblowing that some asshole who couldn't get laid couldn't find a more positive outlet for his anger. Fuck you nathen you are no Marine in my book. We Marines have honor courage and committment, Isee now why they kicked you out. Dime wherever you are God bless you thank you for so many good memories and terrific solos. With much respect Jason Montgomery Aka Monty "

"6 months later and i am still crushed by this. I just saw the video of the shooting and it just buried me...It is almost impossible to put into words about how this is such a tragedy for music on a whole and everyone who not only listened to his music but loved him also for the amazing person and musician he was. Lord..
we miss you in peace friend..."

"Dimebag was a true heavy metal guitar god and loved by millions. I still cannot believe he's gone. My heart goes out to Vinnie, his family and friends, and every other Pantera/Damageplan fan out there. Good luck, Vin. We love you and we're here with you. R.I.P, Dime! "

"When I heard dimebag was shot, I was beyond stunned and it broke my heart what kind of sick world do we live in? Vinnie I just want you to know that we metalheads are always there for you no matter what! Dimebag I love you, I miss you alot! I think of you on your birthday, and I will be thinking of you on the day of your death anniversary! To all the metalheads out there! This past July I wrote a song called devasted, a song about dimebag. It's really good! It's one of the saddest songs I've ever wrote. It took me two nights to finish this beautifully written song. "

"Dime was the most particular guitarplayer,his riffs broke all of my problems, I would have gone to see him playing..... It's too late, a soulless body cut off from our lives this artist.... Rest in peace,my unknown friend, you'll never die "

"i agree with the others on this site,we all will miss dime wether as a brother, friend, artist, metal ledgened, or all around great person.I only met him once through my step mother at a starz game, i will never forget it. it was one of the best days of my life.Nothing we could possibly do to nathans bitch ass would amount to all the pain and loss he has caused arounded the world.Not even HELL is suitable. i never got into a fight at skool till i saw this bitch talkn bad about dime the day of his death.vinnie we love you and hope everyday that the loss will not consume your world along with all the metal world.R.I.P. we love you!!!!!! "

"im only 14 dimebag was my hero im a drummer (vinnie ur god) but dimebag made me wish i could do what he did he is the true metal od im cring now and it nearly a year so people let no let his name die lets play he's songs pantera 's and damageplans song and pay ower trubiute to dimebag ]"